3Amazing Facts That You Need To Know About a Piano
You have to know that the piano is not just a common musical instrument that many music lovers used to play. In fact, there are still a lot of things you need to know about this popular and wonderful musical instrument. Check out and read the list below for you to know a few amazing facts about a piano.
The list given below will show you some of the amazing facts about a piano which you must be aware.

1. It Consists Of Many Parts
First, you have to know that a single piano is composed of over 12,000 different parts in which the 10,000 of them are working or moving. Furthermore, these working or moving parts are the main reason why every piano requires the tuning process regularly in a year.

2. It Has a Very Interesting Name
The second thing to know is that piano obtained its name from the Italian word “pianoforte” in which the meaning of piano is soft and the meaning of forte is loud. The Italian word is actually a name for a small instrument in Italy. It now makes sense why the piano is known as a musical instrument that can produce both calming and powerful sounds.

3. There Is a Largest Piano in the World
Lastly, you have to know that there is a person who created a largest piano in the world. He is no other than, Adrian Mann who is a professional piano tuner based in New Zealand. It took about four years to create and build the largest piano. The length of the largest piano is seven meters and the weight is 1.4 metric tons.
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