3Things That You Should Consider When Determining Easy Songs for the Piano
Are you looking for an easy song that you can use to play on your Yamaha P 115? However, you cannot determine if the song is an easy one or a difficult one? If the answer is both yes, you can read the list below that shows some of the important considerations when determining easy songs for the piano.
Listed below are the important things that you have to consider when you are determining easy songs which you can use to play on the piano.

1. Rhythm
One of these important things that you should consider to determine if the song for the piano is an easy one is the rhythm. Difficult songs have tricky and complicated rhythms while easy songs have the opposite. Tricky and complicated rhythms are characterized by a lot of irregular note values and notes that are offbeat. You can check the sheet music of the song to see these things.

2. Length
Another consideration is the length of the song. Easy songs should only have a short length so that you can learn the song much faster. The song’s length should only below 50 bars for you to learn it in just a matter of time.

3. Tempo
Since that you are still a beginner, you should consider the tempo of the song as well. You should not choose a song which tempo is fast and quick. It is necessary as you are still not used to fast and quick finger movements, thus, you should instead choose a song that has slow and steady tempo. You can determine if the song has slow tempo by examining the number of the notes. The song should not have a lot of sixteenth notes, so that you can say it is an easy song.
You can also talk with a professional piano player to know more other important considerations.